First Steps Preschool

Exceptional Child Care for Bright Future!


First Steps Preschool allows your child to practice his/her interpersonal skills and learn in a variety of ways and activities.


When they’re learning and playing with joy, then it’s a positive experience. They develop a positive approach to learning.


Allow them to reach new heights in their developmental years by offering them an enriched program that will help.

Welcome to First Steps

Our School follows the “Montessori method” which is Learning through Fun & Playing. Our Motto is “Grow, Play and Learn”. We have a playground equipped with swings and slides suitable for your children at their early years. There is a small library with useful books and stories in English and Arabic during daily Reading Circles. We have a “Puppet theatre” as a part of the curriculum to educate children through entertainment. Finally we have a Gym equipped to suit young children and keep them fit and healthy.

Our Program

Our School focuses on Both English and Arabic Language on the same scale. In addition to enhancing the children awareness to Basic Religious Rituals and that is by providing a small mosque. Regarding meals, the school kitchen will provide light healthy meals supervised by a nutritionist. Less use of electronic gadgets will be enhanced by activities that will highly depend on developing physical skills. Our school timings are set to meet parents’ convenience especially working mothers, starting for 08:00am till 03:00pm.

Why we stand out?

  1. We will introduce children to the world through fun and experience.
  2. A number of outdoor activities to help enhance the children knowledge and build their characters through direct contact.
  3. With our Gym and PE teacher we will encourage your children to be physically active “A healthy brain in a Healthy body”.
  4. We aim to feed your children with prime tools to teach them to be independent, sociable, disciplined and respectful towards themselves and others.
  5. Our outdoor facilities are primarily equipped to ensure your children’s safety.
  6. Less exposure to technology i.e. Limited and only “goal oriented” use of technology.
  7. Our small mosque and Qur’an Classes to accustom children to their Religion Rituals.
  8. because we care about your children’s comfort, the school prepared a room equipped with nap beds to offer your children with the rest they need at this age.

Our Staff

We are selective about our staff as we aim to surround children with highly qualified teachers, caring, patient and devoted. They are competent to support children through their education journey and are able to provide regular reports on children’s performance and positively responsive to children’s needs and difficulties.



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